How to Change the World


“I just want to make a difference in the world,” a student once said to me.

“Just make sure it’s a positive difference,” I replied. “History books are full of men and women who ‘made a difference’ alright: those who have killed millions, toppled the twin towers in NYC, or changed the world of not only nations and empires, but also in how individuals lived their daily lives,” I continued.

I knew this wonderful student and did not honestly question where her heart or intent was.  In fact, I’m confident that almost all of us in someway are a little bit like our Father in Heaven and just want to bless the lives of another person or make things better for even the masses. It’s the spark of divinity in all of us. In the creation of this planet I find it interesting and important that God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ ‘counseled in the beginning’. It was, “let us” and “we will”…

So what does it take to ‘make a positive difference in the world’?  How do we do it?  Well, I’m not sure. However, in nearly every good thing that has ever happened to change the course of life for one — or one million — of Heavenly Father’s children began with ‘we’ and ‘us’. When two or more people come together in thoughtful consideration…ideas, plans, and ways are opened up to ‘change the world’. After all, it’s been that way since the beginning. Anything is possible when at least one of the ‘we’ involved is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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