Thankful-Heart_9781462116744A Thankful Heart: 31 Teachings to Recognize Blessings in Your Life
Enjoy a happier, healthier life—starting with an attitude of gratitude! Research and revelation have both declared that staying thankful results in a host of benefits and blessings. You will be grateful for this book which contains a full month of ideas, quotes, and scriptures to get you feeling more grateful and help you see the Lord’s hand in your life.

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Parenting-Principles_9781462115228Parenting Principles: 31 Teachings to Raise Children in Righteousness
Guide your family to the gospel with quotes from prophets and apostles, scriptures to study, inspiring stories, and poignant personal experiences. By including a full month of daily devotionals you can read together, this uplifting book will help you establish the gospel habits your family needs for a lifetime of happiness here and exaltation in the eternities to come.

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questions-of-the-soul-answers-from-the-book-of-mormon-david-a-christensen_cover Missionary-Questions-of-the-Soul-9781462115327

Questions of the Soul: Answers from the Book of Mormon

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing here? Questions of the Soul provides keys to answer these and other similar questions. Organized as a resource to help the earnest seeker discover their own answers and to build testimonies, this book is a valuable resource for future and member missionaries. Find out more.


Inner Victory: Winning Strategies for Managing Life’s Transitions

Achieve private victories as a prelude to outward external victories. Find out more.




Power-in-Prayer_david_a_christensen_978-1-4621-1287-6_coverPower in Prayer: 31 Teachings to Strengthen Our Connection with Heaven

Our exhausted longings, whispered on our knees to our Father in Heaven, have meaning that we do not comprehend. This daily study is a perfect month-long guide to enriching and empowering your prayers. As these thoughts increase your understanding of the significance of your prayers, your communication with God will be an unprecedented source of strength in your life. Find out more.

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